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I create videos that talk about websites and the Internet in a fun and gentle way. I work in a field that is constantly changing. I want to empower creative people with knowledge, so they have clarity with decisions about their digital presence.

Can I go to the Internet?thumbnail image

Can I go to the Internet?

Come on a journey into the Internet in Ashburn, Virginia, where the backbone of the Internet carries 70% of the world’s Internet traffic. I ride my bike down the W&OD trail straight past giant data centers handling our daily Internet activities.

3 minutes

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Hey Artist! Go Search Yourself!thumbnail image

Hey Artist! Go Search Yourself!

As an artist, you are known by your name. Learn how to see what anyone would see if they are looking for you on the Internet. It is also a great way to see the most prominent areas of your online presence.

3 minutes

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Check Under the Hood of your Websitethumbnail image

Check Under the Hood of your Website

There are many files on your website that are seen only by search engines. Learn how to check on these files to ensure they are working properly to help your search engine rankings.

2 minutes

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Sharing Your Websitethumbnail image

Sharing Your Website

Web addresses can be confusing, learn more about them and how to share them to your social media.

4 minutes

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What is a Domain?thumbnail image

What is a Domain?

Learn how a domain represents your slice of the Internet. Listen to the words of one of its founders, Elizabeth Feinler, who managed the very first Internet phone book in 1974.

3 minutes

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What is WordPress Anyway?thumbnail image

What is WordPress Anyway?

Come look behind the scenes of a WordPress website to better understand what it means to have a website that has been developed with WordPress.

3 minutes

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A Quick Fix for Heavy Graphicsthumbnail image

A Quick Fix for Heavy Graphics

Find out how you can improve your artist website’s load time by cutting down on the weight of your images.

6 minutes

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What is Responsive Design?thumbnail image

What is Responsive Design?

See a demonstration of website with responsive design, where the website flows into each screen and looks natural to the visitor, whether it is smartphone, tablet, or a desktop.

3 minutes

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Securing Your Websitethumbnail image

Securing Your Website

Your website needs an SSL certificate to reassure your website visitors. What is it? How can you get one? Let’s Encrypt to the rescue!

5 minutes

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