The following are the testimonials I have received from my clients, some through google (five star rating), and some through email or facebook.

JorgensenArt.com →
JorgensenArt.com website

Katie Ayres is a web developer/designer who I highly recommend. She is well informed and professional in her field of expertise with a kind and patient manner. We worked closely together to redesign my website which I simply Love, as it represents me personally and as an artist. Thank you so much Katie.

Agnes Jorgensen

SchipHillArt.com →
SchipHillArt.com website

Katie Ayres contacted me shortly after last year's WLAST studio tour. After many (unsatisfactory) attempts at minding my website and basically giving up, Katie came to my studio. She was and still is very open and truthful about her profession, and explaining what exactly my professional needs are in the digital space. My regard for her enthusiasm and appreciation of an artists work, translates to a beautiful user-friendly website. It is a comfort to have this important business aspect professionally handled for me by Katie.

Judith Thompson

TraceyLeeCassin.com →
TraceyLeeCassin.com screenshot

I enlisted the services of Katie at '1 Happy Place' to create a professional artist website. Not only did she do this, she incorporated into the design, links to my market places, art blog, as well as my home and garden blog. Our business relationship was seamless even though I am situated in New Zealand and she in the USA. I would definitely recommend Katie's web design packages (great choices), and her amazing skill base to anyone looking to create a new website. I am so very happy with mine and the future website maintenance service Katie offers.

Tracey Lee Cassin

ElliotAppelPaints.com →
ElliotAppelPaints.com website

I am extremely satisfied. If you are looking for a professional, reasonably priced web site. I highly recommend 1 Happy Place.

Elliot Appel

LyndaDurham.com →
LyndaDurham.com website

With Katie and 1 Happy Place, I have amazing support at a reasonable price, which leaves me free to focus on what I love – making artwork. Katie Ayres has my heartfelt and top recommendation for her services.

Lynda Durham

DeborahGonzalez-Realtor.com →
DeborahGonzalez-Realtor.com screenshot

I love my new website! Katie is a very professional, understanding and diligent web designer. I am not very technologically oriented and needed a lot of help putting together my thoughts and ideas. Katie was on target and put together my ideas along with her professional opinion; needless to say, my website has been a hit. I highly recommend 1 Happy Place; it's name says it all! You will be more than happy with the results.

Deborah Gonzalez

SocialyticsMedia.com →
SocialyticsMedia.com screenshot

Professional website design with the added bonus of having a secure server. Katie takes the time to really get to know you and help design/develop the perfect website for your business.

Ruthann Rebich

BelmontDemocraticClub.com →
BelmontDemocraticClub.com screenshot

Formed in 2017, the Belmont Democratic Club set up an email to communicate with its members and interested parties. We needed a way to inform people about the mission, vision, values, and events of the group. Offering us a solution, Katie Ayres presented a process that was easy, encompassing, and powerful. She sent us the mockups which we reviewed and made comments. The site was up and running in several weeks. We recommend 1 Happy Place for anyone doing a website!

Fran Craig

Jazpar.com →
JAZPAR.com screenshot

Starting an LLC several years ago, it was important to me to secure the right domain name for my company and I did not want to chance paying a lot of money for a bogus web address. I reached out to Katie Ayres/1HappyPlace and found an honest person/company who first listened to me and who then secured me exactly what I needed. Bonus? Katie Ayres/1HappyPlace has proven to be trustworthy, proactive and reliable by making sure that my renewals are handled on time, annually, so I don’t lose this domain for my company. I give 1HappyPlace my highest endorsement!

John Pracher