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I am a software engineer which means I write the software powering the website, but also create the design that showcases your business. I create a WordPress website that is beautiful on the surface, and powered by efficient and hearty software behind the scenes.

I will tend to your website, through my hosting packages, and will keep it running smoothly, as well as continually work with you to make sure the content is up-to-date and accurately reflects your business.

1 Happy Place provides the following services:

1 Happy Place is flexible, creative, professional, and honest.

—Kevin John Goff

Website Design and Development

Building a strong website is an investment in the future of your business. Your website is the central hub and foundation of your entire digital business presence. It should always be fresh, working properly, and contain clear messaging for your website visitors and potential clients.

For 20 years, as a senior software engineer, I built mission-critical software for General Dynamics to help protect our country. Mission-critical means if the software didn’t run properly, it might cause harm. I have taken all those lessons into building robust websites that last a long time. My oldest websites were launched in 2018 and they continue to run without incident.

So how much will my website cost?

It depends, but to give you an idea for budgeting, website development generally starts around $1,800 and then go up depending on the features you require for your business goals.

I will write a proposal for the website you need right now depending on your current business goals. You can add features to your website during development or later when needed, each feature costs the same whether it was part of the initial launch or added later. This allows your website to grow with your business.

The best websites are minimalist and easy for the impatient website visitor to navigate. Your website should stay relevant and contain only the information that the potential client seeks, so depending on your current business, your website costs will be an appropriate investment.

I also build unique and timeless designs to best convey the personality of your business and your career. Go to my Portfolio to see examples of my work.

Katie Ayres is a web developer/designer who I highly recommend. She is well informed and professional in her field of expertise with a kind and patient manner.

—Agnes Jorgensen

Hosting, Support and Maintenance

I offer hosting which includes support and maintenance to ensure the longevity of your website starting at $40 a month.

I will tend to your website, keeping it secure, robust, and up-to-date, to keep it running smoothly. I have extensive security and monitoring practices to ensure your website is healthy.

With my broad technological background, I can handle any problem that may occur with your website, either with software updates or dealing directly with support for domain registration and hosting companies.

It is a comfort to have this important business aspect professionally handled for me by Katie.

—Judith Thompson

Monthly Retainer

I provide monthly retainer services to help you manage the technical side of your business, removing the worry and strain associated with dealing with technologies. The retainer system I employ allows for flexible and efficient support as you need it, any unused time is rolled over into the next month.

Retainers are not required for the hosting and maintenance package which manages the longevity of your website.

We can setup an amount of time each month relative to your needs, from 15 minutes to a couple of hours per month or quarter and can change over time as your business requirements change.

Those fees can be used for the following activities at your request:

I send you a quarterly retainer report of the activities and time spent and rollover any time you have not used into the next quarter.

Katie is willing to work at your pace and gives you quality advice and guidance along the way.

—Rob Beach

MailChimp Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Concierge Services

Available to retainer clients.

Newsletters are like temporary web pages sent to your subscriber’s inboxes, so I provide MailChimp services allowing for seamless connection between your website and the newsletters going to your audience.

I am officially certified in MailChimp, allowing me to be an administrator for your MailChimp account. I have developed these services to remove worry over the design, layout and functioning of the email once it reaches inboxes as well as manage other technical aspects of Mailchimp features.

The Newsletter Setup services are a one-time setup fee. After the setup, you can send newsletters yourself or hire me to send your newsletters, handling the layout, testing and reporting of each newsletter. You provide content for all your newsletters.

Newsletter Setup

2 hours of monthly retainer fees

Newsletter Delivery

1/2 hour of monthly retainer fees

Technical Consulting

Do you need a helping hand in your journey to building your online presence? Please don’t hesitate to reach out, I am happy to help you through your concern or question.

Phone Consultation

One-hour scheduled phone or Zoom consultation for $150.

Thank you, Katie for your expertise and kindness. You made all this technical stuff easy to understand. I so appreciate you solving my problem.

—Karen Fox