Services and Pricing

I am a full-stack web developer which means I write the software powering the website, but also create the design that showcases you and your work. I create a website that is beautiful on the surface, and powered by efficient and hearty software behind the scenes.

I focus on not only the launch of a website, but the life of a website. If a website is not maintained, it starts to break over time or worse, get hacked. I also provide emergency services to website owners who are not my clients, because of this common problem.

I will tend to your website, through my hosting packages, and will keep it running smoothly, as well as continually work with you to make sure the content is up to date and accurately reflects your business.

1 Happy Place provides the following services:

Website Development

$1,200 - $3,000

I build:

I integrate websites with:

Your website is an investment into your business. I build a robust and easily maintained website, that will stand the test of time. As your career grows, the website can grow with you, and we don’t need to tear down the house to add on a room. If you need a new feature as your career grows, it will cost the same as it would have if you built it as part of your initial launch.

I take the time to get to know you and your work. This allows me to advise you on the appropriate features to support your business, no more, no less. You are only paying for what you need to best communicate your business to potential clients.

I study your business and build a design that surrounds and enhances your work. My goal is for the website to blend into the background, so the website visitor is drawn to you and your services and use the features of the website seamlessly.

To get started, we schedule a phone call, so I can learn more about you and what you are looking for in your new website. I will also study your current online presence. After that process, I will provide you with an itemized proposal for a website customized to your requirements.

You can learn more about my workflow as we go from start to launch!

Katie Ayres is a web developer/designer who I highly recommend. She is well informed and professional in her field of expertise with a kind and patient manner.

Agnes Jorgensen


$35 and up

I provide hosting to all my clients which also includes maintenance to keep your website in tip top shape. I have a range of hosting options that allow you to decide how much you want to do yourself (I can provide the training) or how much you would like me to do on your behalf.

I have built a system that enables quick updates to your website whenever you need it. I will tend to your website, keeping it secure, robust, and up-to-date, so that you can focus on your business.

I have extensive security practices that are woven into everything I do with any public facing software or server.

The cost proposal will include the hosting plan, plus a detailed list of what is expected for updates to the website.

It is a comfort to have this important business aspect professionally handled for me by Katie.

Judith Thompson

MailChimp Newsletter Setup and Support

It can be nerve wracking to send out newsletters. I have developed these services to remove worry over the design, layout and functioning of the email once it reaches inboxes.

I am officially certified in MailChimp, allowing me to be an administrator for your MailChimp account. Being a direct administrator of your account allows for an efficient and cost-effective method to provide the technical and design support you need with this critical aspect of your marketing.

The Newsletter Setup services are a one-time setup fee. After the setup, you can send newsletters yourself or select to use either level of the Newsletter Support on a case-by-case basis. I will invoice you once a quarter for the newsletters sent.

Newsletter Setup


Newsletter Support - Professional Review

$15 a newsletter

Newsletter Support - Full Service

$50 a newsletter

I am not very technologically oriented and needed a lot of help putting together my thoughts and ideas. Katie was on target and put together my ideas along with her professional opinion.

Deborah Gonzalez


Do you need a helping hand in your journey to building your online presence? Please don’t hesitate to reach out, I am happy to help you through your concern or question.



Please feel free to send me a question about anything Internet or web-related, just fill out my contact form and ask anytime!

Phone Consultation


One-hour scheduled phone or Zoom consultation

Thank you, Katie for your expertise and kindness. You made all this technical stuff easy to understand. I so appreciate you solving my problem.

Karen Fox

Website Audit


This audit does not require a setup and is performed with any kind of website.

Generate a report with the following analysis:

This will allow you to have a picture of how well your website is performing in the live environment and whether you should pursue the mitigation of any issues.

Technical Services

I offer services to individuals who have a WordPress website hosted on SiteGround and need technical assistance with a website for which I did not originally develop. Through my developer account, SiteGround provides an infrastructure that makes for a safe and efficient method for me to work with your website and not affect the live version.

As a server administrator myself, hosting my client’s static websites on 1 Happy Place servers, I have assessed SiteGround and determined it to be the best option for a solopreneur running a smaller WordPress website.

If you are in need of my technical assistance, you could consider moving your website to SiteGround, which might go a long way toward a healthier website over the long term.

1 Happy Place is flexible, creative, professional, and honest.

Kevin John Goff

Website Assessment


Prevent those expensive emergency services! I will look behind the scenes at the code that empowers your website and give you my assessment of the current state of your website and anything that may cause problems down the road.

Website Assessment report includes the following information as well as a one-hour phone consultation to answer questions and talk about recommendations:

Katie is willing to work at your pace and gives you quality advice and guidance along the way.

Rob Beach

Emergency Services

$300 + $90 an hour for labor

The infrastructure underneath your WordPress website is constantly changing. Subsequently, it can be easy for a website which has not been well maintained to crash or to be hacked.

I will determine the problem and perform the maintenance needed to get your website back on its feet.

Unfortunately, especially for older websites, it is sometimes impossible to mitigate the issue. I will carefully explain to you the issue and why it is preventing a solution.