Usually the answer to “How much will my website cost?”, is “It depends.” That is still true, because each business has unique needs for its website, and it is my goal to only build what you need.

I start by scheduling a phone meeting, so I can talk with you about how your website can serve your business needs. Then I will create a detailed cost proposal that will detail all the expenses through launch as well as hosting and maintenance.

After you have launched your website, your needs may change in the future. If you make structural changes to your website, the cost is a delta over your initial investment. We never have to rebuild the house to add a room.

You can find more detail in the following sections:


The design options allow you to make your website your own. I will work with you to create a tailored look that only your website will have to better represent you and your creative endeavors.

The design options includes a moodboard to capture the overall look and feel, and mockups to hone your tailored website before I write any code. Both include a review cycle and your approval before going to the next phase.

Moodboard Moodboard Moodboard Moodboard Moodboard

The moodboard captures all your design elements in one panel, so you can see how it all works together. It includes:

Once the design selections are finished, you can use the font, color and image selections for anything else, such as social media banners and business cards.


Mockups depict exactly how the website will look at desktop and phone screen widths, including:


Design, develop, and launch your website.

Includes the following:

Hosting and Maintenance

I provide hosting to all my clients which also includes maintenance. I have a range of hosting options that allow you to decide how much you want to do yourself (and I provide the training) or how much you would like me to do on your behalf. I have created workflows that make it very fast for me to provide updates to you, keeping your monthly costs low, but having a professional at your side and ensuring your website is functioning and current at all times.

I have extensive security practices that are woven into everything I do with any public facing software or server. I will give you information on my security practices after you have hired me as it is counterproductive to advertise those practices publicly.

The cost proposal will detail the specific changes to your website that fall under the hosting package.

Showroom of Websites

Welcome to the 1 Happy Place Showroom! Here you can peruse different types of websites, allowing you to think about which kind of website will best suit you and your business needs and see the approximate cost of such a website.

1 Happy Start

1 Happy Start

If you need an anchor website that ties together your internet presence or simply want to get off the ground quickly, 1 Happy Start is the best choice.

Cost for this website, approximately $600.

1 Happy Value

1 Happy Value

1 Happy Value is a multi-page website with a minimalist design. This allows for lower cost and a quicker launch. This website does not have a custom design, and therefore costs less to develop. Later, we can layer on a custom design without losing ground as your business grows and budget allows.

Cost for this website, approximately $800.

1 Happy Page

1 Happy Page

1 Happy Page demonstrates an extensive one page website that captures all the information needed for the visitor. It includes a sample portfolio and a contact form. This page allows the user to move down through the contents, rather than clicking to different pages. It has a full custom design to highlight the personality of the individual or business.

Cost for this website, approximately $1100.

1 Happy Artist

1 Happy Artist

1 Happy Artist demonstrates a portfolio for an artist. This is an example website for a painter, but the general structure would work for any specialty. The example uses Monet as the artist, so the design of the website flows around his art. The logo, font, and colors chosen fade into the background so as not to detract from his amazing colors.

Cost for this website, approximately $1900.

1 Happy Site

1 Happy Site

1 Happy Site demonstrates a standard brochure website that contains many web pages. It has a full custom design, with colors, fonts, and a specialized layout to give a unique look and feel. It includes a blog and therefore is based on WordPress

Cost for this website, approximately $2100.

1 Happy Domain

1 Happy Domain

1 Happy Domain demonstrates a reserved domain. It does not have a website...yet. But the domain has been reserved, and the 1 Happy Place infrastructure has been laid down for future use.

Cost for this website, $50 a year.