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WordPress Custom Post Types

I developed Hattie McDaniel's website, for the late famous actress, where I created custom posts for her filmography. WordPress custom post types add extra data allowing for the organization of any information needed for a website.

A Standard WordPress blog post generally consists of three pieces of information:

A custom post has additional data associated with each post when those three data points are not quite enough.

I developed and now manage the website for the late award winning actress, Hattie McDaniel on behalf of her estate. Hattie had so many talents as an actress, signer, songwriter and comedian, who was the first African-American performer to win an Academy Award.

Her estate wanted to write background information about some of Hattie’s movies, so I created a custom post for her filmography.

Below is an example of a Film custom post type. It shows a post for Gone with the Wind with the following extra information:

Example of WordPress Custom Post Types

When the film is edited, it looks like a standard post, with two exceptions. The first one is the featured image, it has been renamed to Film Cover Art to make it clear where to update that image.

Down at the bottom, we can see the extra data that can be updated. The Year the movie was released, the Role Hattie played and the More Link for more information, such as an IMDB link.

Example Admin page with additional custom fields

Custom Post types are a powerful tool in WordPress custom theme development. I can build a tailored website, prominently displaying your work, with whatever information is needed, just like Hattie McDaniel’s films.

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