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Shows & Exhibitions

It is important to display the shows and exhibitions in which you are participating on your website. Watch this video to learn how this information can be best displayed, encouraging website visitors to learn more about how to see your work in exhibitions.

As a general rule, visitors will leave a website quickly if they get frustrated. It can be particularly tricky when it comes to displaying something chronologically based. You want the calendar to move along as the days tick by, so the upcoming and running shows are shown first.

The Studio Nuovo Website demonstrates a strategy for displaying show information that is clear and easy for the website visitor to absorb.

On the Shows page, you can see the current shows, as well as the Upcoming Shows. Each day this listing may change. If it is the first day of a show, it automatically moves to the current show listing. If it is the day after the last day of show, it disappears entirely from the page.

Shows listing on Nuovo.com

If you click on the See Details page, you will get more information for each show.

Studio Nuovo shows page on a phone

Each show information is visually grouped, so the visitor can easily tell with artwork goes with which information. These group items also adjust well to various screen sizes. The groupings will collapse as the screen width shrinks down to phone sizes.

Nuovo's shows page on a phone

All works are copyright by the artists at Studio Nuovo.

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