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Shopify on your Website

Shopify provides a low-cost method of bringing a small shop to your website utilizing the Shopify Buy Button. SchipHillArt.com is a great example of a shop where visitors can browse and buy Judith Thompson's beautiful scarves and kimonos based on her artwork.

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that has dominated the small business market. The company has grown rapidly giving small businesses a manageable solution for eCommerce stores. But you can also leverage Shopify in a way that brings all that eCommerce power to a small shop on your existing website utilizing the Shopify Buy Button.

Should you consider Shopify on your website?

The one big downside with Shopify is that you are responsible for the traffic to your website, through your social media and newsletter efforts. When you have a shop with a company like Etsy, they may send traffic to your shop themselves, but with Shopify you need to generate all the traffic. The upside is that you get most of the profits.

The Shopify buy button, costs $9 a month for inventory and customer management. You keep the majority of your profits with the exception of a few fees.

You will manage your inventory over on the Shopify website. The Buy Button and associated cart on your website are seamless connections into that Shopify store.

Example Shop

Schip Hill Art Scarf Shop

Let’s go to SchipHillArt.com, and Judith’s fantastical and amazing artwork. On her shop page, her scarves and kimonos are available for sale.

When I press the View Product button, a mini-product page appears. We see a few pictures so you can better see the design. There is also the price and description and an Add to Cart button.

When I press Add to Cart, then I see a cart appear along the right. If I close the panel, than a button appears on every page of the website so the website visitor can get to the cart at any time. If I go to her portfolio, I can still see the cart symbol and checkout.

Once I checkout, you can see that a new window appears that is controlled by Shopify. This will give people comfort in knowing that they can pay safely and securely.

As a web developer, I am so glad that Shopify has created this option for people who want a small shop on their website without costly eCommerce software development.

All works are copyright by Judith Thompson.

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