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Portfolio with Galleries

If you have a big portfolio, it can be useful to group pieces together into galleries. This makes it easier for the website visitor to find the art in which they are interested. The web page, JorgensenArt.com/gallery demonstrates a portfolio that contains galleries of paintings.

This video demonstrates an online portfolio that is organized into galleries. It is part of a website, that I designed and developed for Agnes Jorgensen, an artist who paints beautiful award-winning paintings.

Agnes has created a large body of work. She needed her artwork organized for clarity. This was achieved by assigning categories to each painting, where each painting could have more than one category.

These categories turned into galleries, as you can see on the top page of her portfolio.

Agnes' listing of galleries

Each gallery has a name and a selected painting as the cover. As part of her hosting with me, she can change this list of galleries anytime, as well as any of the cover paintings.

Each gallery can be clicked to move to that collection of paintings. Let’s go to the Portrait gallery.

Single portfolio

Each piece has detailed information. For Agnes’work, it includes the title, price, size and any information about the framing. In addition, I used an icon to distinguish paintings that have won awards.

If a visitor clicks on one of the paintings, it zooms to fill the screen, and from there, they can click to move through the rest of the paintings.

Agnes Jorgensen My Heart is Home Painting

There is also a breadcrumb menu along the top that allows the visitor to move easily through the galleries and explore her work.

JorgensenArt gallery breadcrumbs

A painting can be part of more than one gallery. For example, the colorful painting, Bring in the Referees has both animals and is from Agnes' travels. So it is part of both galleries.

Organizing the portfolio into galleries allows the visitor to easily find the paintings that interest them.

All works are copyright by Agnes Jorgensen.

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