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Fine Art America on your Website

You can bring your Fine Art America shop right onto your own website. MeredithMossArt.com is a great example of a shop where visitors can browse and buy her print-on-demand products without leaving her website.

Fine Art America is a website where you can set up a print-on-demand shop, so customers can buy your artwork printed on various products, such as notecards or posters. You setup your shop over on their website.

You can also have a window into your shop directly on your website. This is the best of both worlds, your shop will get traffic from both the Fine Art America website and your own

If you go to the website of Meredith Moss, a very talented artist, you can see on her shop page, everything below the introductory text is generated by Fine Art America's widget. When she updates her shop over on their website, it updates on her website automatically.

Meredith's shop

You can see her lovely work and all the products she is offering. A website visitor can click on products of interest then Add to Cart. Then after shopping, they can click on the cart and buy the products, without leaving Meredith's website.

As a web developer, I am so glad that Fine Art America has decided to offer this feature.

As a website owner, it is important to drive people to your website, which you can think of as your virtual studio where you are inviting them in to visit and see your work.

If you drive them to your shop page on your website, instead of the Fine Art America website, not only can the web visitor shop, but they can also peruse your portfolio or learn about your commissions, and anything else you may have on your website.

They are still buying from your Fine Art America shop securely, but as visitors, they stay in your virtual studio, much like they would in a real studio, where you may have prints on display and available for purchase.

All works are copyright by Meredith Moss.

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