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Yoga Time Studio

Yoga Time Studio is a yoga studio in Purcellville that has been running for 15 years. They provide a variety of classes and special events for their students. Unfortunately, their original web designer did not build a robust website, and it was faltering with a theme that was 4 years old and hadn’t been updated. They also wanted a refresh and some user experience design, since we had Google Analytics to watch the flow of their clients through the website.

Google Analytics showed us that the bulk of the website activity focused on student registration, so I added a prominent button to allow for their clients to immediately scheduling their upcoming class.

The website handles the class registration and payments through Tula Software and I integrated that into the website for a seamless experience for their students. They do not need to leave the website to handle payment and class registration, even though another company handles that feature.

They have single events/classes as well, so I added an event listing that is shown in reverse chronological order, allowing the students to easily see what was coming up.

The primary feature of the website was to allow yoga students to register and pay for upcoming classes. This was achieved through the Tula software. It was integrated directly with the website, as they do not provide a plugin, but rather direct code.

The code is then inserted into various pages, including this one, that shows the class schedule based on the current date. The students can register right from this page.

Katie is the best. She made all of the nuts and bolts so easy for us. She is willing to work at your pace and gives you quality advice and guidance along the way. Her prices are more than reasonable. We will be expanding our relation with 1 Happy Place very soon and we are looking forward to it! Go forward with confidence.

— Rob Beach