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Skipping Scenes

Skipping Scenes was a unique and interesting website that allows people to skip violent scenes in movies, which involved an intricate database design to communicate the detailed information.

Tablet showing Skipping Scenes website

SkippingScenes.com was a fun project in which I volunteered to build in 2016. It is still going, as people are using it to skip the violence in movies.

The challenge with this website, was building the intricate database structure, that allowed for each scene to be captured including:

  • Level of violence (see faces to the left)
  • Time stamp of scene
  • Dialog leading up to the violence
  • Quick summary of the scene (covered in case it contains spoilers)
  • Dialog or sounds after it is over

Because it was a bit tricky catching and describing scenes, the administrator experience had to be tailored to allow for sorting, deleting and updating the scenes.

The styling was fashioned after old movie theatres and just the overall fun and goofiness of the volunteers.

Here is an example of the scene listing for Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens – the most viewed movie on the website.