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Meredith Moss

Meredith Moss, an emerging artist, needed a website to showcase her work, as well as allow her to write about the stories behind her artwork.

Meredith decided to start a second career as an artist, as she has talent for colors and realistic detail. When we first created her website, we had one gallery for her emerging work and a straightforward listing of upcoming shows as she began displaying her work (and winning awards!). She started a Fine Art America shop, so she has an integrated page that is a window into that shop.

When you host with me, I walk alongside your career and add features to your website, as they are needed and you are ready to use them.

As her list of exhibitions grew, I added a full exhibition listing to show upcoming, current and past shows and the artwork shown.

As her body of work grew, I added a categorized gallery, like the one used in another website I have developed, JorgensenArt.com.

To support her extensive marketing, she wanted to write stories about her artwork, so I added a blog, which is discussed further below.

A key component to Meredith’s marketing was to write the interesting stories behind both her artwork and commissioned work. I added a blog to her website as well as the ability to connect to that blog for the related pieces in the gallery.