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Brian Whelan

Picture of Brian Whelan next to his artwork

Brian Whalen, an artist with a long and distinguished career, needed a website to show his huge body of work as well promote his international solo exhibitions.

The challenge of BrianWhelanArt.com was capturing Brian’s well-known and extensive career. His website needed to be extensive.

His huge portfolio (300+ pieces) needed a categorized gallery, such as the one shown in the website I created for Agnes Jorgensen.

He also creates books that he sells on Amazon, so I added a page that shows each book and links back to the item for purchase.

He is written about extensively, so we created a running list of all publications.

His commission work is phenomenal and often goes on international tours, so he also needed an extensive listing of his exhibitions, both group and solo (discussed below).

Brian often has multi-year international tours, and needed an extensive exhibition listing. For his solo tours, his exhibition listing is a full article, allowing for the capturing of the complete process. You can see an example of that in his 2023 commission, Rev. John Roberts Exhibition.

His exhibition listing will continually show the international tour as long as it is active, as well as show each upcoming and current group exhibitions as they arise.