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Agnes Jorgensen

Agnes Jorgensen is a talented and intricate artist who needed a portfolio website that captured her beautiful work.

JorgensenArt.com needed to wholly describe Agnes’ award-winning career, museum exhibition, commission work and a categorized set of galleries to help the website visitor enjoy her talent.

I created a design around the amazing piece, Prima Dancer, shown on the left as the hero graphic for the home page. The colors, fonts and overall soft design surrounds her work without detracting from it.

One of the challenges of working with an experienced artist, is carefully displaying their large body of work in a way that the website visitor can easily navigate.

Below is a description of a categorized gallery and how it work.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy her website and everything it has to offer.

This video demonstrates Agnes’ categorized set of galleries.

All works are copyright by Agnes Jorgensen.

Katie Ayres is a web developer/designer who I highly recommend. She is well informed and professional in her field of expertise with a kind and patient manner. We worked closely together to redesign my website which I simply Love, as it represents me personally and as an artist. Thank you so much Katie.

— Agnes Jorgensen