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Welcome to my portfolio! Feel free to peruse some of my projects and learn how I learn about a client's business and create the website that meets their business goals.

Hattie McDaniel

The estate of Hattie McDaniel, who was the first African-American performer to win and Academy Award, needed a website to tell the story of her amazing career as an actress, singer, songwriter, and comedian,
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Agnes Jorgensen

Agnes Jorgensen is a talented and intricate artist who needed a portfolio website that captured her beautiful work.
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Yoga Time Studio

Yoga Time Studio in Purcellville, Virginia needed a website to allow their students to pay and register for classes.
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TDM Specialists

Elizabeth Hughes, president of TDM Specialists, Inc, needed a brochure website for her Transportation Demand Management company in the Silicon Valley.
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Meredith Moss

Meredith Moss, an emerging artist, needed a website to showcase her work, as well as allow her to write about the stories behind her artwork.
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Skipping Scenes

Skipping Scenes was a unique and interesting website that allows people to skip violent scenes in movies, which involved an intricate database design to communicate the detailed information.
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Brian Whelan

Picture of Brian Whelan next to his artwork
Brian Whalen, an artist with a long and distinguished career, needed a website to show his huge body of work as well promote his international solo exhibitions.
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Studio Nuovo

Dave Mann working in Studio Nuovo
Dave and Jane Mann needed a website to cover the artists working with their studio in Purcellville, Virginia, Studio Nuovo. There are three artists working at Studio Nuovo, so it was important that each had the following listings: Each artist […]
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