Welcome to the 1 Happy Place Portfolio! You can check out my work and find inspiration and ideas for your own website!

Check out the artist, Judith Thompson

SchipHill Art

SchipHill Art is a studio where Judith Thompson paints beautiful oil paintings. She needed to upgrade her website to better serve her business needs. I built a multi-page website as well as the software to build a unique portfolio allowing her to show paintings in collections. A painting can be in one or more collections. Each time she finishes a painting, she takes a picture and sends it my way and I update her portfolio as part of her hosting costs.

Stylistically, I worked with her to find just the right typography and colors to match her colorful and incredibly detailed paintings. With her artwork, it was important that the website design hold up and surround the paintings without interfering.

Check out the artist, Lynda Durham

Lynda Durham

Lynda Durham is a talented professional artist who needed an internet presence to promote her artwork. To get her started, I built a one-page website to promote her commissioned pet portraits. She had three call-to-actions for visitors: peruse her portfolio, give her a call to start a commission and follow her on Instagram.

Stylistically, it was a joy to design her website around her fun and realistic pet paintings. The font and color scheme recede into the background to bring her artwork front and center.

TDM Specialists Website

TDM Specialists, INC

TDM Specialists create transportation and community strategies for community under development in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was fun to design a website for such a professional and experienced crew led by Elizabeth Hughes.

Stylistically, the theme was transportation and I added a spark of feminism to the tone as an homage to her leadership.

heck out real estate agent, Deborah Gonzalez

Deborah Gonzalez

Deborah Gonzalez is a real estate agent starting out, who needed a custom website for her business. I created a one-page website to communicate her strengths as a real estate agent as well as make it easy for potential clients to find and communicate with her.

Stylistically, we started with a blank canvas, and found a look that matched her warm and friendly style, as well as the properties in which she specializes.

Check out a website coming soon

Website that is coming soon

When you first hire me, I quickly put into place the "Coming Soon!" graphic for your domain. This builds the roads that will always be used for your website. It encourages search engines to stop by aonce in awhile to see when your full website appears.

Check out my open source project Clio


Clio is my open source software project. It is common for a software engineer to publish an open source project, in case any other software engineers can use the code. I have automated much of the administration of the 1 Happy Place servers, including deployment and updates of websites. This allows me to keep my costs low. Everything is done on the Linux command line, so I have published a library of PHP code that makes it much easier to build a command-line application.

Showroom Websites

I also have a set of sample websites you can take out for a spin. As shown above, each website I create is tailored for each client, but this set of websites will help generate ideas on what your website should do to fulfill your goals.

1 Happy Start

1 Happy Start

If you need an anchor website that ties together your internet presence or simply want to get off the ground quickly, 1 Happy Start is the best choice.

1 Happy Value

1 Happy Value

1 Happy Value is a multi-page website with a minimalist design. This allows for lower cost and a quicker launch. This website does not have a custom design, and therefore costs less to develop. Later, we can layer on a custom design without losing ground as your business grows and budget allows.

1 Happy Page

1 Happy Page

1 Happy Page demonstrates an extensive one page website that captures all the information needed for the visitor. It includes a sample portfolio and a contact form. This page allows the user to move down through the contents, rather than clicking to different pages. It has a full custom design to highlight the personality of the individual or business.

1 Happy Artist

1 Happy Artist

1 Happy Artist demonstrates a portfolio for an artist. This is an example website for a painter, but the general structure would work for any specialty. The example uses Monet as the artist, so the design of the website flows around his art. The logo, font, and colors chosen fade into the background so as not to detract from his amazing colors. It is my passion to design a website for artists that allows the art or craft to be front and center and the website drifts into the background, much like a museum wall or pedestal displaying art.

1 Happy Site

1 Happy Site

1 Happy Site demonstrates a standard brochure website that contains many web pages. It has a full custom design, with colors, fonts, and a specialized layout to give a unique look and feel.