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Special Event Landing Page

Written by: Katie

May 30, 2019

Have you ever needed to promote a single important event on your website? Watch a demonstration of a special event landing page that is highlighted in the weeks before the event, one the webite, SchipHillArt.com.

SchipHill Art Studio is home to a very talented artist, Judith Thompson. Every year, she participates in the Western Loudoun Artist Tour (WLAST) in Loudoun County, Virginia. Visitors can come to her studio, talk with her, and purchase her artwork and other offerings.

A special event page,was built just for this event and is demonstrated in this video. This page gives very specific information regarding the event and can be a powerful and efficient way to convey information to potential participants. While this special event page works standalone, it is still a part of her website, making it easy to explore the rest of the website and learn more about Judith and her wonderful artwork.