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Envira Gallery Demonstration

Written by: Katie

October 12, 2021

In this popular video, see a quick demo of some of Envira Gallery’s best options to help you determine which are right for you.

These options are shown with the website 1HappyGallery.com.

What is Envira Gallery?

It is a WordPress plugin that provides photo and video galleries for websites. It is built by a small company that writes software that plugs into WordPress. I have carefully selected them as a provider for this feature as their software is robust and provides a massive amount of customization for web developers like me.

1HappyGallery.com shows the different styles of galleries that EnviraGallery provides. I use this website to help my clients select the style of gallery and lightbox they want on their website.



When the web visitor clicks on a thumbnail, the image is blown up to fit the entire screen. This is called a lightbox. There are a lot of choices on how the lightbox will work.

When the visitor clicks on the thumbnail, the lightbox is opened. The web visitor can then move through all the graphics with the left and right arrows. You can also decide whether you want just a title, a title and a caption, or neither. There is also a full screen button. When it is pressed, the image fills the entirety of the physical screen. When the visitor is done, they can click the close button to return to the website.

When the web visitor opens up the lightbox, it can move to the next image automatically after some predefined set of time (in this case, 5 seconds). The visitor can click the pause button anytime to linger on an image longer. They can also hover over the image to pause the automated scrolling.

Also, the lightbox can display small thumbnails along the bottom and the visitor can move around the images as they wish. If they click this grid button along the top, the thumbnails will disappear.


The last menu item shows an album. An Envira Gallery album is a collection of galleries, allowing the web visitor to navigate an extensive portfolio that needs extra organization.