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Artist Website with a Portfolio and Commission Page

Written by: Katie

April 26, 2020

An artist website should show all the information relevant to a particular artist and their offerings. See a demo of this website with a portfolio of cityscape paintings and commission information.

This video demonstrates the website for Elliot Appel a very talented artist who paints cityscapes and a variety of commissions.

His home page uses a selection of fonts and colors were designed to match his New York cityscapes. It contains:

His website contains a portfolio page with his New York City cityscapes. It shows all the paintings he selected and each piece has the title and size information and the visitor can then click on one of the paintings and it zooms to fill the screen from there the visitor can click to move through the rest of the paintings.

There is also a commissions page which has all the information one would need to commission a painting in addition. There is a sample portfolio for each category of commission he currently offers. Just like the portfolio the visitor can click on a painting to show it in full screen and move through the samples

Finally, there is an about page this contains more information about the artist and his background including a nice picture of him and a contact page which provides a secure way for a visitor to contact the artist about purchasing or commissioning a painting.