A place to hang your website...
...and feel good about it

One Developer.

Experienced in both web design and software development, ready to help you create a professional website.

Located in Loudoun County.

1 Happy Place


I develop websites that are clean and quick to load, helping you to clearly communicate your message and allowing your visitors to easily connect with you.

We will work together to determine the needs of your business and devise a plan to meet those needs. I will develop, launch and protect your website in the 1 Happy Place ecosystem and stay with you, keeping your website looking fresh as new technologies emerge and current as your business grows.

Your Website will be:


Built with the latest technologies


Served from a state-of-the-art, secure and personally monitored servers


Delivered to the visitor on an encrypted link


Easily scanned by search engines for discovery of content


Cohesive design of images, graphics, fonts and colors


Typical page weight of 500 kilobytes, one-third of Internet-wide average


Perfectly fits into any screen


Clear call-to-actions with easy navigation for visitors

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