A technical expert in your corner
...building just what you need

One Developer.

Experienced in both web design and software development,
I build custom cost-effective websites for artists,
so their digital presence is one happy place!

I will not use confusing industry tech-speak.
I will take the time up front to get to know you and your business.
I will empower you and your business with technology.
I will continue to push and expand my skills to keep up with changing technologies.
I will not let your website degrade over time.
I will help you build a cohesive digital presence making it easy for you to be found online.
I will go to bat for you with big tech companies that misuse confusing technical jargon.
I will onlyh build what is needed for your business, nothing more, nothing less.
I will not nickle and dime you for small changes and upkeep.
I am a developer, designer and server administrator, so no stone is unturned as I create your website.
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Katie Ayres, web developer and owner of 1 Happy Place, LLC

My passion is to capture the personality of your creative business and build only what you need to reach your goals simply and beautifully. I get to know you and your work and collaborate with you making clear decisions about how your website can serve your goals.

Too many templates, too many corporations with their own agenda, and too many marketers who promote Do-It-Yourself products that may check the "Get Website" box, but fail to produce vibrant websites that stand the test of time.

I aim to be an alternative to those choices, so when a visitor types in your domain name, they are met with a website that looks and feels like your unique creative endeavor. Behind the scenes, the website software works smoothly and effortlessly every time.

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