A technical expert in your corner
...building just what you need

One Developer.

Experienced in both web design and software development,
I build custom cost-effective websites for solopreneurs
to showcase what they do best.

1 Happy Place


My passion is to capture the personality of your business and build only what you need to reach your goals simply and beautifully. I get to know you and your business and work with you to make clear decisions about how your website can serve your goals.

Too many templates, too many corporations with their own agenda, and too many marketers who promote Do-It-Yourself products that may check the "Get Website" box, but fail to produce vibrant websites that stand the test of time.

I aim to be an alternative to those choices, so when a visitor types in your domain name, they are met with a website that looks and feels like your unique business. Behind the scenes, the website software works smoothly and effortlessly every time.

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With Katie and 1 Happy Place, I have amazing support at a reasonable price, which leaves me free to focus on what I love – making artwork. Katie Ayres has my heartfelt and top recommendation for her services.

-Lynda Durham (email)


Katie came to my studio. She was and still is very open and truthful about her profession, and explaining what exactly my professional needs are in the digital space. My regard for her enthusiasm and appreciation of an artists work, translates to a beautiful user-friendly website. It is a comfort to have this important business aspect professionally handled for me by Katie.

-Judith Thompson (Google Review)


I'm impressed! I like it; it's clear, non-techy, confidence inspiring and clean!

-Visitor to client's website (email)


I love my new website! Katie is a very professional, understanding and diligent web designer. I am not very technologically oriented and needed a lot of help putting together my thoughts and ideas...needless to say, my website has been a hit. I highly recommend 1 Happy Place; it's name says it all! You will be more than happy with the results.

-Deborah Gonzalez (Google Review)


Offering us a solution, Katie Ayres presented a process that was easy, encompassing, and powerful. She sent us the mockups which we reviewed and made comments. The site was up and running in several weeks. We recommend 1 Happy Place for anyone doing a website!

-Frances Craig (Google Review)


Professional website design with the added bonus of having a secure server. Katie takes the time to really get to know you and help design and develop the perfect website for your business.

-Ruthann Rebich (Google Review)


Your Website will be:


Built with the latest technologies


Served from a state-of-the-art, secure and personally monitored servers


Delivered to the visitor on an encrypted link


Easily scanned by search engines for discovery of content


Cohesive design of images, graphics, fonts and colors


Typical page weight of 500 kilobytes, one-third of Internet-wide average


Perfectly fits into any screen


Clear call-to-actions with easy navigation for visitors

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