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One Developer.

Experienced in both web design and software development,

I develop custom websites for artists and creative entrepreneurs that capture the essence of their artistry.

Elliot Appel, Artist

Elliot Appel, Artist
Portfolio and commissions

Agnes Jorgensen, Artist

Agnes Jorgensen, Artist
Portfolio, commissions, virtual museum display

Hattie McDaniel

Hattie McDaniel, Actress
WordPress custom theme and specialized posts

SchipHill Art Studio

SchipHill Art Studio
Large portfolio, online shop

Art Studio, Nuovo

Studio Nuovo, multiple artists
WordPress custom theme

Tracey Lee Cassin, Artist

Tracey Lee Cassin, Artist
One page website, portfolio, award listing

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Katie Ayres, web developer and owner of 1 Happy Place, LLC

The name, 1 Happy Place, reflects my primary goal of ensuring you feel comfortable and happy with your website. I have been a Software Developer for 30 years and love to take the real world and bring it into the digital space. As a full-stack developer, I work with WordPress, Shopify and other technologies to create features that will best serve your business needs.

I take the time to get to know you and your creative work to build a website that best communicates your career. I create designs that bring the work front and center, so visitors to the website focus only on your work and not the website itself.

Websites should keep pace with the ebb and flow of your creativity. Once the website is launched, I provide you with affordable hosting and support over the long term, ensuring the website is always fresh, reflects your business and runs smoothly.

About Katie

Services Offered

Advise and collaborate with you, designing a website that suits your creative business needs with a focus on simplicity.

Design your website with a cohesive look that represents the personality of your work.

Develop your website using the technologies that best fit your needs, such as WordPress and Shopify Integration.

Host your website on fast and secure webservers.

Support you as your business grows!



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