Your Website

Your website will be carefully crafted and have the following characteristics.


Built with the latest technologies

Web technologies change at the speed of light. I am constantly keeping abreast of the latest developments to ensure your website works as efficiently as possible. Your website rests on top of a large infrastructure that contains technologies that are constantly changing and improving. I put time aside to keep on top of those developments to ensure that your website never looks dated and of course never breaks.


Served from state-of-the-art, secure and personally monitored servers

I have carefully built an infrastructure of servers to host websites. They are built with state-of-the-art hardware and the latest software. The infrastructure is easily scaled keeping costs down. I have created procedures detailing the steps to create a new server in thirty minutes. This allows for the utmost flexibility and security.


Delivered to the visitor on an encrypted link

The major browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, have announced long term plans to display an increasingly dire warning if a website is delivered over an insecure connection. As of August 1st, 2018, Chrome is now displaying “Not Secure” on any website without the encrypted connection, regardless of whether the website is asking for sensitive data. All 1 Happy Place hosted websites are delivered on the secure HTTPs protocol, avoiding these warnings to the website visitors.

I have also written extensive software that monitors for the health and security of all the websites hosted in the 1 Happy Place infrastructure. I also personally monitor the servers, keeping an eye on each one. Additionally all websites are backed up in multiple places, including a server in London!


Easily scanned by search engines for discovery of content

It is straightforward to design for the human visiting your website and ensuring their experience is optimal. But there is also automated software that often visits the website and indexes content on behalf of search engines. Through technical search engine optimization practices, I have ensured that it is easy for this software to fully read and index the website content.

With each new launch of a website, I run a Google tool on every web page which scans and scores how comprehensively the Google automated software will be able to read it. I ensure all pages receive a score of 100 out of 100.


Cohesive design of images, graphics, fonts and colors

I have spent my career thinking about how to improve the experience of the user interacting with software, carefully architecting the content, menu items and overall user flow. Additionally, I create a design with my knowledge of color theory, typography and layout practices to create a website that is cohesive, simple and feels good to use.


Typical page weight is one-third of Internet-wide average

Engineering is always about making thoughtful trade-offs. The very first impression the visitor has with your website is based on how quickly the information is loaded onto their device. You cannot control the speed of the connection between the visitor and your website, but you can control the weight of the page that is being loaded.

Lightweight pages can have a big effect on the user experience, with pages flying onto their device with ease. As of 2018, the average web page weighed 1500 kilobytes; the average 1 Happy Place web page weighs only 500 kilobytes.


Perfectly fits into any screen

There was a day when websites were designed for one screen width, because visitors were loading websites on their desktop computers, which had somewhat standardized screens. In the last decade, there has been an explosion of devices, making it important for a web page to display properly on any kind of screen, from tiny smartphones, to iPads, to desktops with wide-screens, to a TV. It is just a matter of time before Amazon’s Alexa is trying to read it as well. All 1 Happy Place websites are completely responsive and will fit into any screen.


Clear call-to-actions with easy navigation for visitors

When we start the design process for your website, we are going to first focus on what it is that you want visitors to do. This will drive the overall design of the information presented and what is highlighted for attention. Before any software is written, we will have a clear list of those actions. The website architecture and design will ensure it is straightforward for the visitor to accomplish those actions.