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It is my passion to empower people with knowledge, so they feel less intimidated and can fully participate in the process of creating their digital presence.

I created this channel because I want to help people feel comfortable in this ever-changing technical world into which all of us were shoved unceremoniously. The Internet world consists of a confusing assortment of technical terms. I will be uploading videos that describe various aspects of the Internet in a way that is non-technical and fun.

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WLAST Special Event Landing Page

Have you ever needed to promote a single important event on your website? Watch a demonstration of a special event landing page that is highlighted in the weeks before the event.

SchipHill Art Studio is home to a very talented artist, Judith Thompson. Every year, she participates in the Western Loudoun Artist Tour (WLAST) in Loudoun County, Virginia. Visitors can come to her studio, talk with her, and purchase her artwork and other offerings. A special event page, was built just for this event and is demonstrated in this video.

Channel Trailer

Join me on a journey into the world of websites and the Internet. We use websites everyday and some of us even own one, and yet what are they really? How does the Internet work? Let me show you, and I promise, no technical details to bore you.

Quick Demonstration of Responsive Design

Websites are shown on a wide variety of screens and devices. It is important that a website flows into each screen and looks natural to the visitor, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, desktop or even a TV.

Watch a quick demo of a responsive website that shows how a website can shine in any sized screen.

What is an SSL Certificate?

What is an SSL Certificate? Or is a TSL Certificate? or maybe a Security Certificate? Learn what these are and why Google Chrome and other browsers are indicating your website connection is not secure. Let’s Encrypt ( to the rescue!

This video describes in a fun and gentle way, how to secure your website. It explains why your website needs an SSL certificate to enable an https connection. This will protect website visitors when they load your website.

Why do graphics slow down websites?

Find out how website’s load time can be improved by speeding up image loading. You will learn how to see the weight of a page as well as what is slowing it down. It is then followed by an easy fix that takes a big chunk out of that slow load time.

Watch how websites load over the Internet connection and why graphics commonly slow down websites as well as a demonstration of a simple fix to increase that load speed.