1 Happy Place

Services Offered

Advise and collaborate with you, designing a website that suits your business needs with a focus on simplicity.

Design your website with a cohesive look that represents the personality of your business.

Develop and launch your website using the latest technologies.

Host your website with carefully built, secured, and personally monitored servers.

Support you as your business grows!


I have carefully designed a comprehensive workflow, starting with an interview to better understand your business's needs. Then, I create the design and content plan, then launch, working with you throughout the entire process. Once the website is launched, I maintain and update it so that it stands the test of time.

Learn about you

Learn about you: Taking the time to get to know you, your business and your plans. We will work together to take stock of where you are on the Internet and how your digital presence can better support your business.

Organize content

Organize content: Putting together a plan for the content, which includes the page names and their purpose, as well as any call to actions for the website.

SchipHillArt.com Moodboard

Build a moodboard: Using Adobe Photoshop, I create a digital image that captures the look and feel of the website, including:

  • Font selection
  • Color selection
  • Single stock graphic for home page
  • Icons, including the favicon selection
Create Mockup

Create mockup: Using Adobe XD, I will create a document showing your website as it will look on the screen. This allows us to visualize it before I write the code. The mockup will contain desktop and phone versions as well as the home page and an example page.

Write the software

Build website: Develop ‚Äčand launch your website using the latest technologies. Including:

  • Writing the code!
  • Testing your website on an internal integration server
  • Running through detailed checklists
Launch your website

Launch your website: Launching your website into the 1 Happy Place server ecosystem and ensuring that only essential files are uploaded onto the webserver. All websites and any updates are backed up in each of these places:

  • GitHub.com (modification tracker on the cloud)
  • Local development computer
  • Private webserver
  • Server in London, England
Host your website

Host your website: Providing website hosting on carefully built, secure and lightning fast servers. I can build a new server in 30 minutes. The combination of lightweight web pages with very fast servers create quick load time for your website. I personally monitor and maintain each server to ensure your website stays secure.

Katie Ayres

Support you and your business: I have built a system allowing for quick updates to your website whenever you need it. I will tend to your website, keeping it secure, robust, and up-to-date, so that you can focus on your business!